Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of your answer bot-generated?
No. We strictly disapprove of bot-based Live Chat. Our interactions are 100% human-based and all our associates are well-trained professionals. This also makes using Live Chat simple and individual-specific.
How do I get started?
It is very simple to integrate our Live Chat on your website. Contact us for Live Chat software. Generate a four-piece code and drop that code into your website with the help of our free-of-cost integration. That’s all.
How do I know if All Day Chat is the right for me?
If our 24/7, human-based service does not convince you, we offer a free trail that lets you decide for yourself. No credit card or debit card information is required. Even if your calls are complicated, our professionals will design bespoke scripts based on the information you provide them. You can make changes to the script to ensure we are getting it right.
Can you help me in Increasing sales?
Yes, we train our staff to handle business in such a way that they can upsell/cross sell and interact in such a way that can help in converting lead into potential client.
Do you offer a hosted solution?
Yes, we do offer hosted solution where we can point our chat system to your sub domain. This is included in Enterprise Plan